Moneta 179

Moneta 179

The Silver Coinage of Istros during the Hellenistic Period

Mihai Dima

This volume represents the most detailed study to date on the very large silver coinage of Istros.

Although the proposed datings and order of certain issues will inevitably undergo changes in future, the fact that silver coins of the classic type were being minted on a regular basis at Istros until the second half of the 3rd century BC can no longer be in any doubt. This is the most important conclusion of this work, and as such has profound implications from a numismatic, archaeological and historical point of view, given that a large number of coins, hoards and archaeological layers, etc., had until now been dated erroneously – based on the silver coins of Istros – to the 4th century BC.

The other publications of Mihai Dima are related to some of the most important Ancient coin hoards discovered in Romania as well as to the coin circulation in Dobrudja during the Roman period.

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Mihai Dima
MONETA 179, 194 pages
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ISBN 978-94-91384-47-9