Moneta 177

Moneta 177

Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History


The silver question (2nd half of the 19th century)

Georges Depeyrot

Since the 1840's, China was an open field for western traders and investors. However, the absence of monetary union and of a monetary system was a problem for western traders and official representatives.

China was, at this time, the land of Mexican, American, Spanish, Peruvian dollars, chopped coins, yens, copper coins, string of coins, silver ingots (sycee), paper money, and some many taels.

After the wars, official representatives tried to include China in a globalized economy, promoting the idea of a stable currency.

This volume gives a collection of facts and information concerning Chinese monetary questions, specially the silver question in China. It contains analyses of the quotes of gold and silver at Shanghai (including Mexican and Carolus dollars), analyses of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation ledgers, of the Imperial Maritime Customs and of several other sources.

Georges Depeyrot is Directeur de recherche, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris and coordonates the DAMIN program (La Dépréciation de l'Argent Monétaire et les Relations Internationales - Silver Monetary Depreciation and International Relations).

Georges Depeyrot

MONETA 177, 266 pages 140 euros Contents ISBN 978-94-91384-45-5


Georges Depeyrot, ed.
MONETA 177, 266 pages
140 euros
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ISBN 978-94-91384-45-5