Moneta 145

Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History

Documents concerning the indemnity of 1870-1871
Georges Depeyrot, ed.

This series of volumes Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History aims to republish the main documents related to the question of bimetallism at the end of the 19th century. The series will include several sub-series devoted to the International Monetary Conferences held in various capitals during the second half of the century andto the specific situation of different countries (i.e. India, Japan, United States of America, China, etc.), since the question of monetary systems was a global one. It will also include specific studies on monetary questions and on monetary history.

The scientific community will thus have access to the enormous collection of statistics, analyses and discussions on and around the subject of gold and silver coinages. These documents will be useful to specialists of the 19th century but also to all specialists in monetary history and in particular those studying the question of the ratio between gold and silver and that of the gold or silver standard, which are relevant to all periods.

As the payment of the French indemnity to Germany after the 1871 defeat played an important role in the bimetallic question and in the German shift to the gold standard, this volume, Documents concerning the indemnity of 1870-1871, collects the four main studies on the subject of the payment and its consequences. They were written by economists and the French minister of finance:

R. Giffen, The cost of the Franco-German war of 1870-71 (1872)
L. Say, Rapport sur le payement de l'indemnité de guerre (1874)
H. Handley O'Farrell, The Franco-German War Indemnity (1913)
A. E. Monroe, The French Indemnity of 1871 and its Effects (1919)
The volume gives an overview of the questions raised by this major monetary event.

MONETA 145, 140 pages, 120 euros
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Georges Depeyrot, ed.
MONETA 145, 140 pages,
120 euros
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