Moneta 140

Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History


Selection of British and US documents (1857-1898)

Marina Kovalchuk - Georges Depeyrot, ed.

In 1854 Japan resumed its international relations after a long period of isolation. Treaties signed by Japan in 1854 and 1858 with USA and a European countries guaranteed some privileges and immunities to foreigners, settled the question of foreign consulate authorities and established the framework of foreign trade in Japan.

After the signing of The Treaty of Amity and Commerce (July 1858), foreign consuls sent a lot of dispatches to their countries concerning not only diplomatic questions but also the daily life in Japan. A huge number of these reports described the economic and monetary system of Japan and the situation in internal and international trade.

This volume gives a collection of facts and information concerning Japanese monetary question. It gives the American and British point of view on the situation with Japanese currency and its problems in the second part of 19th century, as these two countries were the main commercial partners of Japan in mentioned period.

This volume also includes a lot of documents concerning the circulation in Japan of Japanese and foreign coins, which are giving a new light on the problem of using of bimetallic standard in the Far East in the second part of 19th century.

Marina Kovalchuk is assistant professor, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok.

Georges Depeyrot is researcher, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris and heads the DAMIN program (La Dépréciation de l'Argent Monétaire et les Relations Internationales - Silver monetary depreciation and international relations).


日本は1854年に日米和親条約を締結して200年以上の鎖国を放棄した。1854年、または 1858年に米国や欧州各国と締結された条約は、外国人にいくつかの特権及び免除を与え、外国の領事業務について定め、日本の外国貿易の枠組みを確立した。


"Japan. Selection of British and US documents, 1857-1898"(日本に関する英国と米国の外交官の


その報告には幕末、明治時代の日本の幣制に関する詳細なデータが多数掲載されており、 金銀複本位制の使用問題やその時期の日本の経済的な発展、またその特徴についての研究に重要な資料になると思われる。

コヴァルチューク・アリーナ(ロシア連邦、極東連邦大学(旧国立極東総合大学)、 助教授)


Marina Kovalchuk - Georges Depeyrot, ed.
MONETA 140, 220 pages,
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