Moneta 139

Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History

Moneys and Economies during 19th Century (from Europe to Asia)

Proceedings of the Round Table of the "Silver Monetary Depreciation and International Relations" program (ANR DAMIN, LabEx TransferS), Paris, École Normale Supérieure, January 13-14, 2012.

Georges Depeyrot, ed.

The aim of the program is to analyze the question of the rise and fall of the bimetallism and the question of the depreciation of silver in the nineteenth century. This analyze includes the important question of the role of Asia and especially of Japan in the silver question. A large place is given to the questions of coin production, monetary unifications with the emergence of common currencies (cf. Latin Union in Europe, US and Mexican Dollar, Yen, etc.) in a process of globalization of the monetary market, including the question of the shift to the gold standard. The period concerned is mainly the XIXth century, in a large acceptance.

The DAMIN program (2012-2015), supports and encourages several actions such as publication, republication of the main basic documentation (International Monetary Conferences, Reports of silver committees, etc.), especially in the series Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History. Translations of documents from non-European languages are also parts of the program. Of course, analyses and elaborations of new interpretation are the final goal of the program; comparative studies with other periods of monetary globalization are welcome.

This volume is the proceedings of the kickoff meeting of the program DAMIN La Dépréciation de l'Argent Monétaire et les relations Internationales - Silver Monetary Depreciation and International Relations ( with the participation of Vladimir BAKHTIN (Moscow), Patrice BAUBEAU (Paris), Katerina BREGIANNI (Athens), Juan E. CASTAÑEDA (Madrid), Georges DEPEYROT (Paris), Michel ESPAGNE (Paris), KATO Keiichiro (Kobe), Marina KOVALCHUK (Vladivostok), KURODA Akinobu (Tokyo), Michael MÄRCHER (Copenhagen), Aleksandra MAJSTORAC KOBILJSKI (Paris), Rita MARTINS DE SOUSA (Lisbon), Matthias MORYS (York), NAKAJIMA Keiichi (Tokyo), Jürgen NAUTZ (Wien), Emmanuel PRUNAUX (Paris), Josette RIVALLAIN (Paris), Michael SCHILTZ (Tokyo), Alla SHEPTUN (Moscow), Ekaterina SVIRINA (Moscow), Stefano UGOLINI (Pisa).

Georges Depeyrot, ed.
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